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Enroll in my Dream Job!

Want to be part of the fastest growing equine career in Canada and the US?

Here's how! (and don't wait - fees are set to increase)

Equi Health Canada ~ Emergency Equine First Aid Instructor

1. Read through the FAQ sheet, then call the office with any additional questions or to inquire about financing. The total tuition is $2,999 - which you make back with your first 20 students - most instructors make their investment back in the first class or two!

Your PROFIT is $119.00 per student every time you teach! - That's $1,190.00 for a 7 hour day with 10 students - almost $170.00 PER HOUR!!

2. Apply using the online form below. Acceptance is generally within 1-2 days.

3. Study for your pre-course exam (we will email you the materials), and join training with enthusiasm! We even cover marketing, business development and more!

Join our team of Disaster Planning and Emergency Preparedness Instructors!

Course Fees: $1599.00 - fully tax deductible - while space available!

Course Length: 2 Full days plus pre-course study


*Are the person people call when things go sideways

*Are the person on social media when things go wrong... fire, flood, blizzard, heat wave... that are ready to help at the drop of a hat

*Are the person who wishes they could do more to help animals in emergency situations

*Are the person who donates their time and energy to helping those in need

*Are the person who feels the need to help educate people in how to deal with emergency situations..... maybe you've been through one yourself....


*Are EXACTLY who we are looking for!

Equi-Health Canada only trains 30 instructors per year across Canada - Pre-requisites required


Instructor Code of Ethics​

Equine First Aid Instructor – Code of Ethics

1. The EFAI will at all times consider the needs and safety of the horse(s) while teaching first aid, in order to ensure proper care and treatment of the horse.

2. The EFAI is not a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine and will not identify him or herself in any such capacity, nor diagnose illness or condition nor provide advice nor administer medications.

3. Horses are living, breathing, reacting animals. While teaching, the EFAI will consider the safety of the students at all times.

4. The EFAI will provide first aid services for any horse that may require it, contacting the local veterinarian as necessary.

5. The EFAI is representing Equi-First Aid Canada and will strive to maintain the high standards set for EFA Instructors.

6. The EFAI is responsible for ensuring that all students leave his or her course with an acceptable level of understanding of the course content.

7. The EFAI will strive to improve his or her equine knowledge and skills, and is encouraged to collaborate with other professionals in the equine world.

8. The EFAI is entitled to charge fees for professional services, however regardless of fees charged or received, the quality of instruction must be maintained with the usual professional standard.

9. The EFAI will carry personal liability teaching insurance and will present to host and/or student upon request.

10. The EFAI will, at all times, conduct him/herself with the utmost level of professionalism.



We know you have some questions .... check out the FAQs below to see if we can answer them!

Q. Is the training tax deductible?

A. YES! It certainly is.

Q. How long will it take me to recover my investment?

A. You'll make back your training fees with just 20 students. Average class sizes are 10-20 students, so most instructors make back their investment with their first course or two.

Q. What do I get for my training fee?

A. You'll receive a welcome booklet right away that helps you get started (the most successful instructors 'hit the ground running'). We then mail out your pre-course study materials which includes your instructor teaching manual, farrier notebook, anatomy and physiology charts, and a variety of other materials. The course itself is 3 days in length, and is a very BUSY and exhausting (but fun!) time. We provide all the meals during training, the host location, and all teaching materials and supplies. Some locations have onsite accommodation (just ask). Upon graduation you will be awarded a vest with the company logo embroidered on as well as the word 'INSTRUCTOR'. We also provide you with a vital signs kit, outlines, a power point presentation that guides you through the courses. You will be 100% set up and ready to teach upon graduation!

Q. When I take the training, do I work for Equi-Health?

A. Students who successfully complete the instructor training course become independent contractors for Equi-Health. That means that you get to write off all your equine related expenses (including your horses at home provided you teach there once a year), travel and teach when and where and how often you want! We have instructors across Canada, the United States, France, Switzerland, Australia....

Q. Do I have to find my own courses to teach?

A. Yes and No. We market together. Part of your training includes marketing of your own courses and we encourage you to use your contacts in the horse world, however we also market heavily for our instructors through social media campaigns, magazine and print ads, post and market your courses on the website, send you leads and refer students and host locations to you.

Q. Are there territories?

A. No. Territories are unnecessary. Not only do we currently offer 7 different training courses, but there are over 2 million people involved with horses in Canada, 1.2 million riders in the UK, and another 4.6 million horse owners in the USA. so there is plenty of clients for all our instructors. We want you to be able to travel and teach fun places as well. We have one instructor who teaches at a guest ranch in Costa Rica every year. You are eligible to teach anywhere you'd like...... get that passport out!

Q. So how does it 'work'?

A. Once you have a class scheduled at your own ranch or a host location, we advertise your course on the website and you advertise locally. The primary course is offered nation-wide at the standard fee of $159.00. You collect the fees from your students directly. You then order your course materials from Head Office at a cost of $40.00 per student (includes their first aid manual, certificate of completion and normal/abnormal card). Your NET profit is $119.00 per student. So... a 20 person course NETS you 2,380.00 - That's $295.00 per hour. (Not such a bad way to spend a Saturday!)

Q. Do I have to re-certify at any point?

A. Yes, your certification is valid for 3 years. After 3 years you can re-certify via online exam, to obtain your lifetime certification and senior instructor status.

Q. What kind of support do I have?

A. We really are a family. We have a private instructors only page on the website where you can download handouts, marketing ideas, sample posters and brochures, sample forms, emails, photos for marketing, etc. We also have a closed facebook group where instructors from across the world can share ideas, stories, and the like.

We also have an bi-annual instructor conference. It isn't mandatory to attend however there is always great camaraderie, learning, updates on new ideas coming through and future programs we are developing, and it is a load of FUN. The conference generally takes place at the home ranch in Alberta Canada, at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, however we do travel some years

​Q. Sounds great - How do I register?

A. Fill out the application form at the bottom of this page and submit it.

​ It's that easy!!

​ We will contact you once we review your application.

Make sure you've read the code of ethics form first below, as they will form part of your instructor agreement.)


Applicant Screening

All applicants must demonstrate the following:


All applicants must have the following before being considered by the Board of Advisors for the Equi-Health Canada Equine First Aid Instructor ("EFAI") Training course:

1. Must be over the age of 18 and a high school graduate or acceptable level of experience and education. Teens aged 14-17 may be considered however would carry the title of Junior Instructor and would be required to co-teach with a senior instructor until they are 18 years of age. This is not only for insurance purposes, but also to ensure the success of the young instructor.

2. Must have significant experience and comfort in handling and working with horses of all ages, breeds and temperaments. This may be in a specific sport or discipline, groom, breeding background, pleasure rider, police work, or the like.

3. Must be able to participate in learning situations that require skills in observation, visual, auditory and tactile information gathering.

4. Must demonstrate the ability to safely perform hands on assessment/ demonstration with a live horse, including lifting feet and touching all parts of the body.

5. Must be able to lift more than 40 lbs and be able to stand for more than 7 hours consecutively.

6. Must demonstrate the application of good judgement and prompt completion of all responsibilities related to the care and safety of both horse and human.​

7. Must be willing able to adhere to the EFAI Code of Ethics.

8. Must not be on any medications or substances that would impair reaction time, judgement or the ability to keep students safe at all times and must be willing to adhere to the Equi-Health Canada substance abuse policy.

9. Must complete the application form in full and pay course fees prior to training date.

*Application does not guarantee acceptance.

*Tuition refunds will not be issued to failed students, or students who withdraw from the program.

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